Friday, January 1, 2010

Why Change is Easier For Some People and Almost Always Hard for Others

Why is it that some people surpass obstacles, thrive and go on to enjoy a life that brings them satisfaction and happiness while others stay stalled or see life as unfair?

I've seen first hand how life remains an adventure for individuals who have challenging personal situations while others, with no obvious obstacles, stay stalled or feel pessimistic about their life. I have a family member whose wife has been steadily going downhill from the the deliberating illness of MS yet he remains upbeat and focuses on where life gives back to him. He stays engaged with the areas of his life that feed and nurture him---work, parenting, hobbies, community while tending to his wife's needs. He knows what lies ahead but somehow he has this unshakable belief in the value of living. He's adapted, accepted and changed to meet this challenge so that he's up to the challenge and up for his life as well.

Recently, I watched the animated Disney-Pixar comedy adventure "Up" about a 78-year old man who ties balloons to his house to fly away in order to save it, with an eight year old stowaway aboard. The film is charming, full of adventure for the oldster who thought he'd missed out on adventures only to discover he wasn't seeing the daily ones he was always having. He was able to look back with new eyes and see what life had given him and in doing so, he found a new spirit of adventure for the rest of his life.

It's a good reminder of how life is an adventure if you're not blinded to all the incredible experiences that await you when you open you mind and heart to seeing with a different view. It's not a small task to change how you think and take responsibility for your choices but it is almost always the best choice because life waits for no one. It almost always come down to a conscious choice to grow and learn despite challenging situations, circumstances or obstacles. What determines that consciousness has to do with letting go of fear and feeling supported by life.

Where do you want to make changes in your life? What would you life look like if you saw it as an adventure? Who are you without your fears?

Is it time to change how you're looking at your life? Are you up for it?

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing." Helen Keller


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